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When do you think the cherry trees will bloom this year, 2015?

bloom time for cherry trees 2015
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016  |  8 Views

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Considering the early blooming trends lately, cherry trees may bloom earlier than expected, maybe 2 to 4 weeks early, but if we get colder temperatures they may bloom on schedule in the middle of April. There are many beautiful blooming trees in April into May, but in some years we get surprises, with blooms coming earlier than usual.

The diverse types of cherries can bloom over a longer period. Dates for the “peak” cherry bloom are approximate. The dates with a * are exact for peak bloom. NYBG cherry trees tend to flower a little bit later than the same kind in Central Park.
2001 = April 27*
2002 = April 15*
2003 = April 21*
2004 = April 26*
2005 = April 11*
2006 = April 17*
2007 = insufficient data
2008 = April 20*
2009 = April 17
2010 = April 8*
2011 = April 25
2012 = April 12 

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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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