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What kind of organic houseplant fertilizer is best?

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2016  |  91 Views

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For organic houseplant fertilizer, your best option is a fertilizer made from either fish or seaweed. The ingredients in these fertilizers can be fish emulsion, fish, kelp, or plain seaweed. Whichever you choose, make sure it will provide all three macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). The label will list these elements in that order, for example 3-2-1, 8-6-7, or 2-4-1. Avoid labels with zeros such as 5-0-0 or 6-0-3.

See the Garden's Plant Talk blog for information on houseplant fertilizer and other houseplant basics.

You may also want to consider making your own compost. With a lot of turning and aerating, you can create compost in as little as six weeks. If you leave the ingredients in an untouched pile, it could take up to a year. See our Home Gardening Center's Soil and Compost Tips and Compost Teas Tip Sheet for information on composting.


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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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