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How can I prune a Norfolk Pine? When should I prune?

Is it possible to prune a Norfolk Pine and how and when do you doit?
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Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is a popular indoor conifer, common names are Christmas tree plant, Australian pine, or house pine. In the wild it can mature to 200 feet tall, but rarely exceeds 4-6 feet indoors, growing 6 inches a year. New growth--which is normally produced in the spring--is a bright fresh green held until fall when it darkens. The branches are heavy but they need not be given any extra support, since the main stem turns woody in time. Yes, you can cut back the branches so the plant fits better in the room but no growth is likely to result from the cuts.The droopy nature of this tree is simply a characteristic of this plant. You may need to think carefully about cutting it, since it would remove its natural growth shape. Grow Araucaria in medium light, but not too far from the window, or needles will fall. A south-or west-facing window, with the plant four feet away from it, would be ideal. Turn the plant every week or so to keep it symmetrical ideally. The temperature for your tree would be best at 45-75 degrees F, above 80 degrees F. high humidity will be needed. You can mist spray occasionally. Water thoroughly keeping soil moist but never let it stand in water. During rest period water moderately, enough to make the potting mixture thoroughly moist, but allow the top inch to dry out between waterings. Repot about every two or three years, but plants can be moved in spring whenever roots appear on the surface of the mixture or through the bottom of the pot. Five-inch pots are normally the largest necessary, but large specimens may require 6-or even 8-inch pots. 

Hope this helps.

Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service

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