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Do Japanese persimmons shed their bark?

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2016  |  28 Views

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Diospyros kaki, Japanese Persimmon, Kaki can look unusual, with a mop-headed shape small tree dripping with large, egg-shaped to rounded, 3 to 4" diameter, yellow-orange fruits. Sometimes distinctly upright in habit.The lustrous dark green leaves turn a handsome yellow-orange-red in the fall. The species is dioecious with the male flowers in three's about 2/5" long, with 16 to 24 stamens; the female 1/2 to 3/4" long; both whitish.The bark is gray-brown, largely smooth on young trees; some chunky, blocky bark on older trees. The bark of the American and Japanese persimmon trees is distinguished by its blackish color. The bark of the current year's twig color is brown or gray, but turns blackish during the following growing season. Bark does not shed normally.

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