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How do I propagate pachysandra?

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2016  |  159 Views

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Pachysandra consists of three species, three Asian and one American are in the Box family Buxaceae. The name, from the Greek pachys, thick, and aner, man, alludes to the stout filaments of the stamens.They are evergreen or deciduous perennial herbaceous plants or subshrubs that spread, quickly or slowly according to kind, by slender underground rhizomes. They have erect branches leafy toward their tops, and leaves alternate or clustered. The flowers are in spikes with male blooms occupying the upper, females the lower portions of each spike. The fruits are capsules or drupes. These plants are easily increased by division and by leafy shoot cuttings taken in late summer. Underground, rootlike rhizomes cuttings are good for propagation as well. Most familiar is the Japanese-spurge (P. terminalis), in America one of the most extensively used low evergreen groundcovers. A neat, attractive, uniform, from 6 to 10 inch  groundcover, that spreads in mats, completely hiding the ground. They thrive in any fairly good soil that is moderately moist, but free of stagnant water. They grow as well in slightly alkaline as in neutral or somewhat acid soils. They like dappled shade, and don't do well in too strong sun, dry, sandy soils, or cold sweeping winds.

Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service

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