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What gardening chores are important in July?

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2016  |  24 Views

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As your garden matures and the weather becomes increasingly hot and dry, garden moisture and maintenance are essential elements of garden care this month.

  • If the weather has been dry, practice water-wise horticultural techniques
  • Determine which plants are most important and water them first
  • Water plants early in the day through drip irrigation or hand held hose with shut off nozzle
  • Reapply mulch to help conserve moisture
  • Allow lawns to go dormant; they will green up again when rain returns
  • Continue to remove weeds which compete for water

For a helpful list of garden maintenance chores for the month, see our guide Summer Gardening Chores - July.

And to solve some of your summer gardening problems, refer to our FAQ's for Summer Gardening guide.

Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service

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