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How can I get rid of Houttuynia?

Hi,I garden in a community garden in Manhattan that is located within a city park. Several of our individual plots are heavily infested with Houttuynia—the end result of gardeners being tempted by the colorful leaves a number of years ago. You know what our problem is—how do we eradicate it or, at least, control it? We’ve pulled it out, we’ve used horticultural vinegar—to limited effect.Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!
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Wow, I have read about many frustrated gardeners having to deal with this potentially invasive plant, I believe there is one creative way to take care of this plant without herbicides, which is mentioned in several links. One way is to treat it like running bamboo. Since it too spreads by rhizomes, it can really be difficult to get rid of it completely. Although, removing every bit of it is one way, but not always easy to get it all. Here is the link on how the running bamboo is eradicated:

Hope this is helpful.

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