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How do I control voles in my yard?

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016  |  35 Views

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There are several ways to control voles in your yard or garden. One of the easiest is to acquire a cat, they will catch the critter, but will not eat it. One gardener I spoke with recently, at their wits end, used poison peanuts. Not a good tactic, since it killed their family pet. Do not use toxic things especially if you have children and pets.

One better way is the use of a noise emitter, one called GoPherIt was mentioned in the Rodale's ref. book. It is noise free to humans, but not to the vole, which it is supposed to drive it away. Another tactic is using a trap specially for small animals, which works if used properly, just follow the manufacturer instructions. See more information on controlling voles or moles, contact us at

Hope this is helpful.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Services

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