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Why is my Rhododendron forming buds in summer after initial bloom; will they survive winter?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017  |  34 Views

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Rhododendrons form new buds during summer; it is most important not to cut any buds off or there will not be any flowers for next year’s display.

I’m sure you are curious about your flowers not blooming; it’s just not time yet. But, there’s always an exception! If we happen to get a warming trend, some buds will open. Occasionally if the weather is extremely cold, buds may freeze and not survive well for the coming spring flowering show.

Water well at least once a week during the growing season and add pine bark mulch to conserve moisture. Keep plants watered during warm winter weather. If we get enough rain once a week that may be sufficient so you don’t have to water.

Compost laid on top of the soil yearly in spring is always helpful to condition the soil. Once the ground is frozen, and you didn’t get to mulch around your shrub, you can mulch while the ground is in a deep freeze state. Rhododendrons like acid soil and part shade.

If you have any more questions let us know. There’s more below from the Rhododendron Society linked below.


Hope this is helpful.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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