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Can you tell me more about the plant Selaginella?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017  |  27 Views
Topics: Houseplants

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There are several species of Selaginella, a shade plant with decorative foliage. These plants do well in terrariums, which gives them the constantly moist, but never overly wet, conditions that they need.

Bathrooms may seem like a good place with high humidity, but it is just not adequately constant. In low humidity the tiny leaves will dry out, curl, and turn brown. Spray misting is okay, but indoors during winter, the humidity level is so low, especially with the heat on and all windows closed.

Light need is medium throughout the year. During the winter months, maintain this species in a cool room in which the temperature runs about 45°F (9°C) at night. Water should be somewhat restricted in the winter rest period, but the plants should never be allowed to dry thoroughly. This plant is classified as an evergreen.

Interesting to note, there are 700 varieties of this plant. One kind called the Selaginella lepidophylla is called the “Resurrection Plant.” When S. lepidophylla, a native of desert and semi-desert regions, doesn’t get enough water, the leaves roll into tight brown balls and the plant becomes totally dormant. Once this Selaginella plant gets some moisture, the leaves open up, turn green, and the plant starts to grow again. 

Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service

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