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I want to create a Moon Garden of native New York Plants that bloom at night. Can you help me?

I want to garden a native New York Moon Garden. The keyword to look for plants to is "vespertines". This is supposed to mean night blooming flowering plants. I can't seem to get results.
I would like a Moon Garden with night blooming flowers native to New York; does the word vespertine mean anything close in order to find a list of plants in this classification?
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"Vesperine" strictly means evening-blooming but the term is often used to mean night-blooming. Many of these night-blooming plants are pollinated by moths and are white or light colored, fragrant and shimmery so as to be more locatable in the dark. In asking for plants native to the New York area that are night-blooming you are setting a high barrier. Most of the night blooming plants are annuals, tropicals or tender perennials. We are not aware of any of these plants that are perennial in our area that are also native to New York.

If you are interested in expanding your choice to non-native plants please let us know. While many of the well-known night-flowering plants are tropical and are treated as annuals in this part of the country there are a number of hardy species that can be recommended. 

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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