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Can you tell me about the plant Echium?

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017  |  23 Views

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Thank you for your question. There are about 60 species of this plant, and many cultivars. Species of Echium are native to North Africa, mainland Europe and the Macaronesia islands. Many species are used as ornamental and garden plants and may be found in suitable climates. Echium species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species. Common name Bugloss, Tower-of-Jewels or Pride of Tenerife. One species, the blue weed or blue devil (E. vulgare) is naturalized in North America as a weed of fields, roadsides, and similar places. Biennial and perennial echiums are not hardy in the north. They thrive in California and other mild climate areas, especially near the coast. They need full sun and good soil drainage; they are at their best in poorish, dryish earth.


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