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Any tricks to get my snake plant (AKA mother in laws tongue) to bloom? it's in a north facing window. It's only bloomed once in over 10 years.

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Hello, and thank you for your question about Sansevieria, commonly called mother-in-law tongue, good luck plant, and bowstring hemp, is a popular houseplant, easy to grow, although slow. There are numerous species of two main types: tall0growing plants with stiff, erect, lance-shaped leaves; and dwarf-growing rosette forms. Flowers, which appear only erratically, are whitish or yellowish, narrow-petaled, in clusters on a erect spike and often fragrant. 

However, if you want to try getting Sansevieria to flower can be tricky, you can only get Sansevieria flowers when you are "cruel". The plant needs to be so pot bound that there is literally no space for new shoots to emerge out of the soil (this may happen naturally in the center of a congested plant which isn't fully pot bound yet). You also need to nick the top off some of the leaves which prevents it growing upwards. With absolutely no where left to grow you might get the plant trying to propagate itself by seed, i.e. through the elusive flowers.

Hope this helps.

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