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What's Beautiful Now at NYBG (week of April 17, 2017)?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017  |  16 Views

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Photo of daffodils

Daffodil Hill & Liasson Valley

The show is starting! Hundreds of thousands of Daffodils are in full bloom right now, lighting up our spring landscape. 

Photo of magnolia collection

Magnolia Collection

Magnolias’ fragrant flowers are some of the first to herald spring’s arrival. The Garden’s collection showcases the many diverse shapes and lovely shades of these sweet-scented blooms. You’ll find a stroll along Magnolia Way never fails to delight with the promise of warm days to come.

Rock Garden

This garden has made quite the Spring debut this year. Painted with brilliant swathes of Iris ‘Harmony’, Leucojum vernum, and various Narcissus, the landscape appears to have eagerly leapt out of its winter slumber. You will want to lean in and get a closer look at the troughs near the gate; they are brimming with sweet little surprises like the tiny flowers of Draba and Phlox.

Home Gardening Center

Daffodils and Viola are blooming here now, providing a nice bit of cheer as the rest of the garden wakes up. They are joined by Hyacinthus and Corylopsis spicata.

Perennial Garden

Daffodils, early tulips and Viola are complemented by sweet swathes of Scilla siberica.

Photo of Amelanchier

Tree of the Week: Amelanchier × grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ – serviceberry

Amelanchier comes to life this week with thousands of delicate white flowers. Look for their cheerful spring blooms in the Native Plant garden, as well as outside of the Pfizer Research Lab. Other varieties of serviceberry can be found around the garden, along Azalea Way, in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, and outside the Steer Herbarium.

 Photo of trout lily

Perennial of the Week: Erythronium americanum – trout-lily

Short stalks of charming pinkish white flowers float over emerging fan shaped foliage on this Korean perennial. Located at the south end of the Azalea Garden, it loves moist, rich soil and partial shade.

For a "What's Beautiful Now" self-guided tour map please follow this link.

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