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What's Beautiful Now at NYBG? (Week of May 29, 2017)

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Photo of tree peonies

Tree Peony Collection

Enormous flowers in many colors grace these shrubs this week. Not to be missed!

Matelich Anniversary Peony Collection: This diverse herbaceous peony collection is starting it’s show. Early bloomers in coral, red, white and yellow get the season off to an elegant start.

Photograph of Azalea garden

Azalea Garden

The Spring crescendo of white, coral, pink, and purple azalea blossoms here in the Azalea Garden is one of NYBG’s most striking seasonal spectacles. Alongside the azaleas and rhododendrons, you’ll find swathes of Anemone nemorosa ‘Alba Plena’, Erythronium americanum, and various Epimedium.

Rock Garden

This garden is awash in color, and the display can change daily and even hourly on a sunny day.

Photo of Auricula theater

Auricula Theater

Pots of charming primroses grace their own special theatre as we carry on a tradition from Victorian England. Located in the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden.


Tree of the Week: Cornus kousa, kousa dogwood

Look for the expanding white floral bracts of Cornus kousa in bloom throughout the garden. Wonderful specimens of this small statured tree can be found near the staircase into the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden and along the path within the Burn Family Lilac Collection. Be sure to walk through the Benenson Ornamental Conifer collection to see many unique cultivars of this great species.


Perennial of the Week: Nepeta- various, catmints

These showy and aromatic plants steal the spotlight this week! You can find various species and cultivars throughout the garden, but you won’t want to miss them in action on the Seasonal Walk. In addition to being easy-to-grow and versatile plants, Nepeta blooms heavily and attracts many bees and butterflies. 

For a "What's Beautiful Now" self-guided tour map please follow this link.

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