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Could you please tell me the name of the white bark clump birch that is found in the shade garden?

There were several in the garden that are smaller in height then the birches offered in local NJ nurseries.
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The tree in question is Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii', sometimes called a Whitebarked Himalayan Birch. 

If you are thinking of putting one in, you should be aware that it is a favorite target of the Bronze Birch Borer (BBB), a North American beetle that devastates older trees that have been stressed, particularly by drought conditions, and many areas prohibit planting them.  We have provided ongoing maintenance that keeps our specimens from being similarly stressed and a target for these borers, but often the only remedy for a BBB infestation is to remove the tree.

Thanks for contacting us.

Johanna in Plant Information

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