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I have 15 days old living stone plant. Exidentely toproot crushed.i put it in the soils. I want to know it will be grow?

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Not sure if it will grow, but water your lithops, or commonly called living stones, as follows:

Lithops Care


LITHOPS should be allowed to go drier in the winter when the new growth is drawing moisture from the old leaves. At this time,  water very lightlyjust enough to keep the root hairs alive. Some people say it is easiest to judge if you water as though you are trying to get the dust off the leaves. As the old leaves dry up in the spring, give them more water until the long, hot summer days bring the growing period to a standstill. At this time water lightly as stated above, act like you are getting the dust off the leaves. REMEMBER, you 

never want the soil to become bone dry. ( The root hairs will all die back and when you resume watering there will be no root hairs to begin using the moisture. ) As flower buds appear in late summer and fall, another watering period begins. Tapering off during winter after flowering has ended. Those growing plants under lights will probably need to water a bit more during the winter when the plants show signs of shriveling. No one can tell you exactly how much water your plants need, you must watch them and learn their growing cycle. 



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