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When will NYBG be at peak fall foliage color?

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017  |  21 Views

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It is very hard to say when we will see peak foliage as it is related both to the length of daylight (pretty predictable) and temperatures (not so predictable).  If we get a sudden turn to colder temperatures, the leaves could start to change quite quickly.  Typically we would expect to see great foliage peaking in October and into November but within that range it can vary a lot from year to year.


There are two good bits of news to go with this uncertainty.  First, we have a camera set up in the forest at NYBG that live streams pictures via YouTube so you can keep an eye on the changes and make your plans for a visit accordingly.  Go to to see the live cam.  The tree to the right of the picture appears to be a dogwood, which changes color very early.


The other piece of good news is that we have had a relatively wet spring and summer in 2017 which is one of the conditions necessary for trees to store the sugars needed to create particularly splendid fall foliage.  So it could be a particularly beautiful fall!

 Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information

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