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Plant Identification

Hi, I have this plant for ten + years but don't know the name. It's always healthy and blooms beautiful pink flowers in fall. I would like to purchase additional plants, please advise. Thank you.
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The mystery plant appears to be Crassula ovata 'Pink Beauty' the much-beloved jade plant. its tolerance of dry neglect has made it popular as a house plant and in gardens. About the only thing that can kill it is frost below 28°F or over-watering -  let it dry out between waterings. It’s even fire resistant. Although the stout trunk and sturdy limbs can grow to 9’ tall with time, it’s usually much shorter and it makes a wonderful sculptural plant for pots, tubs and dry gardens. In pots, prune in the Spring to avoid top-heaviness. Jade plants can be grown in light shade or sun, but blooms better with good light. Sun often brings out a red edge on the otherwise jade green leaves. 

Hope this helps.

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