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What should I do to my fig tree in today the winter. They are in pots in the garage

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Water your fig tree sparingly once a month during winter while in your garage (above freezing). Do not soak. The tree is dormant and requires only that its roots don't dry out completely.

Pruning as needed: Late winter or early spring, when the tree is still dormant, is the best time to prune your fig tree. In dormancy the tree will not bleed sap, which makes the chore easier. However, damaged, broken, or diseased branches can be removed at any time. Use a sharp, sterile tool to make clean pruning cuts, leaving no stubs behind. Cut at an oblique angle above the branch bark collar (the tree collar area is resistant to disease and promotes healing). Do not head back the tree, but rather make thinning cuts to secondary limbs, removing no more than a third or a quarter of the plant.

(Optional: A small castered planter can make the moving job easier; simply place the plant on the saucer and wheel it into the garage). 

Hope this helps.

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