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How do I overwinter my rosemary plant?

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016  |  30 Views

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Overwintering rosemary (Rosmarinus) in NYC is not easy. Here at NYBG we have rosemary plants in the ground, but they usually have to be replaced.  The double-pot method may work for rosemary outdoors or on a balcony.  Indoors, rosemary will need direct sun and good air circulation. Its native Mediterranean environment should be simulated as closely as possible. With our milder winters, it is worth a try to overwinter it outdoors, but insulation is needed. The roots need a stable environment to keep them from freezing and thawing. Loose leaves such as oak can be filled between pots (double-pot technique). Wrapping burlap around a pot loosely to make room for insulating leaves can be used. If rosemary is in the ground it can be protected with burlap staked on 4 sides, making a box, leaving enough space for leaves as insulators. A thick surrounding of oak leaves acts like a down comforter to trap air and protect the plant from winter conditions (leaves are added after the ground freezes). If a container is on cement, lifting the pot up off a cold cement floor helps. Do this by using enough bricks to balance the pot off the ground.


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Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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