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My small maple was damaged by Sandy - main branch broken off. What can I do to salvage the tree, and is it possible to root clippings?

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When you say the "main branch," are you referring to the trunk or an actual branch? Either way, you should prune back the remaining damaged branch/trunk to where it joins the tree. Then just leave it alone. It should be fine and start growing again in spring. If indeed the main trunk was damaged, it will mean another branch will become the dominant leader. It might have a funny shape for a year or two but it should fill in, and with a little selective pruning it should be fine.

As for rooting, that may take a little more work. Rooting woody cuttings usually involves rooting hormone, and/or bottom heat and specific conditions. Here are a couple  of links for more information.

For detailed information on maple propagation, see Propagation of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines (second page).

Your tree may not be a bigtooth maple, but the basic propagation principles explained in Propagating Bigtooth Maple should be the same.


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