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How do I care for a tropical hibiscus?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016  |  33 Views

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If you want to keep a tropical Hibiscus and grow it again the next season, bring it indoors before the night temperature drops much below 40° F. It will need a bright, sunny area, or it can be placed directly under fluorescent lights. The optimum temperature indoors is between 55 and 70° F. The cooler end of that temperature range will produce far fewer insect problems later in the winter. If it is kept in a greenhouse, keep the temperature cool (55-65), and water when it is dry.

Do not keep the soil wet. It is best to let the soil become almost bone dry before soaking it again. Do not let any water sit under the plant saucers.

For more extensive advice on Hibiscus care, see Growing Tropical Hibiscus Up North from the American Hibiscus Society.


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