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How do I care for my spider plant?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016  |  35 Views

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Spider plant or ribbon plant, Chlorophytum in the Liliaceae family, is a popular houseplant. Repotting becomes necessary when the fat roots have forced the potting mixture upward to rim level, so that it becomes difficult to add water. Spider plants may be moved into larger pots (next size up) at any time, unlike many other houseplants which are best moved in spring.

Propagation can be easily done by the following method. Cut the  plantlets off the long stems when their leaves are 2-3 inches long, and strip off the small lower leaves to prevent possible rot. If plantlet roots have already begun to grow, simply put them in a jar of water. Then transfer them into soil-based potting mixture when roots are at least an inch long. If a plantlet is still rootless, you can promote roots by dipping the lower part in hormone rooting powder, and insert it in a pot containing a moistened peat-based mix. It  should root in 6-8 weeks in a warm room.


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