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How do I grow Guzmania and other bromeliads?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016  |  27 Views
Topics: Houseplants

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The right lighting is important to preserve the intense color of Guzmania.  The best light level is about 1,800 foot-candles--bright light but not direct sunshine.  An east or west window would be good.  Watering is also important. The soil should not be allowed to dry out completely, yet over-watering ("wet feet") should be avoided. Create a humid atmosphere around the plant by spraying often or by placing the plant pot on a layer of pebbles sitting in water. The pot should never be in the water but above it resting on the pebbles. Avoid extremes of temperature and drafts; 55-85°F is the best range for bromeliads.  The plants can be fertilized every month with a weak solution of all-purpose liquid fertilizer. This can be applied as a spray on the leaves and into the "cup" at the center of the plant.


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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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