Q. My Christmas cactus is not growing after propagating. What should I do?

Hello, back in February/March I propagated my christmas cactus after it had finished flowering. The cuttings were planted in a small pot with soil catering to cacti. Since then, the main plant continues to grow new leaves, but the cuttings have not had any new growth. I water per normal, and though they grew aerial roots, that is the extent of it. They are not wilting in the least; I assume they are still alive. Are they in a rest period after propagating? Should I be doing anything else? Thank you.


Schlumbergera bridgesii - Christmas cactus propagation technique is below:

Not sure what's happening without seeing your plant. How large are the cuttings?

How to propagate:

Take 3" to 4" stem cuttings in spring or summer. Remove the cuttings from the tips down and allow them to harden off for a few days. Dip the hardened-off cuttings into rooting hormone and plant into a moistened, light, soil mix. After cuttings develop 1" to 2" roots, pot them individually into 3" pots.

More help on the total cultural growing requirements below:


Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service



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  1. I'm having a similar problem. I bought cuttings about a year ago, planted them, they grew healthy looking roots, but there has been no new growth. At all. They look healthy, but nothing's happening. The other Schlumbergera I have are doing fine, so I don't understand the problem. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
    by meekmok on Jul 19, 2017.

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