Q. When do I bring my houseplants in from outdoors for the winter?


Here is some information for areas in the Northeast. Once the outside temperature starts to consistently stay in the mid-50's, it is time to bring your plants in for the winter. The easiest way to acclimate plants is to make a gradual transition over the course of a couple weeks; bring the plants in during the evening and take them back out in the morning while the temperature is still warm. Gradually increase the amount of time the plants spend indoors to get them used to indoor conditions. After a couple of weeks, the plants should adapt to the lower light levels.

Expect some leaf drop. Avoid placing the plants close to vents blowing hot or cold air sources. This will dry the plants out quickly. Check plants and pots for any pests such as aphids, mites, mealy bugs and slugs. Treat pests before you bring them inside. Sometimes a thorough wash with water will remove most pest problems; cover the soil with foil to protect it while washing the plant. 

Insecticidal soap spray will treat a variety of pests; check the label for sensitive plants and always follow the directions recommended.


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