Q. How do you grow Medinilla?


Medinilla magnifica, with beautiful hanging pink flowers, needs bright light filtered through a sheer blind or curtain. A temperature of 65-80°F is suitable.They like high humidity too, in order to flower next year. During the rest period less humidity is needed if the temperature drops below 65°F. During growth and warm days, mist spray daily (keeps mites away). Water moderately, giving enough at each watering to make the potting mixture moist throughout but allowing the top half inch of the mixture to dry out before watering again. During the rest period give only enough to keep the potting mix from drying out completely, and do not begin to water moderately again until new flower stalks become visible in early to mid-spring.

Potting mix for Medinilla consists of a combination of 1/3 soil-based mix, 1/3 coarse leaf mold, 1/6 peat moss, and 1/6 coarse sand (builders sand, not beach sand) or perlite. In early spring move each plant into a pot one size larger, taking great care to damage roots as little as possible. Top dress (remove a few inches of soil and replace with new) with fresh mix when maximum convenient size pot is reached. Rotate the plant to give even light for a balanced growth habit. Medinilla can be epiphytes growing in the forks of tree branches, similar to orchids, but more often they are shrubs, and grow larger in their native habitat.


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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service



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