What are some trees and shrubs with good fall color?


Fall is a wonderful time of the year to appreciate our trees and shrubs. Many present a spectacular display of color as if they were putting on one last hurrah before winter sets in.

The following trees and shrubs display strong yellow and red fall colors. So select something that you will enjoy!

Trees: Yellow Foliage

Botanical Name Common Name
Acer palmatum Japanese maple
Acer saccharinum              silver maple
Acer saccharum   sugar maple
Betula                      birch
Carya hickory                                             
Fagus beech
Ginkgo gingko
Liriodendron tulip tree

Trees: Red Foliage

Botanical Name Common Name
Acer palmatum Japanese maple
Acer rubrum           red maple                                          
Acer saccharum   sugar maple
Cornus               dogwood
Liquidambar styraciflua   sweetgum                                        
Nyssa sylvatica blackgum
Oxydendron sourwood
Quercus rubra northern red oak


Shrubs: Yellow Foliage

Botanical Name Common Name
Aesculus parviflora          bottlebrush buckeye                           
Calycanthus allspice
Clethra summersweet 
Hamamelis  witch-hazel
Lindera  spicebush


Shrubs: Orange-Red Foliage

Botanical Name Common Name
Enkianthus campanulatus red-vein enkianthus
Fothergilla fothergilla 
Rhododendron calendulaceum  flame azalea 
Spiraea  spirea, particularly Thunberg spirea


Shrubs: Red Foliage

Botanical Name Common Name
Aronia arbutifolia red chokecherry
Cornus sericea red-osier dogwood
Disanthus  disanthus 
Hydrangea quercifolia        oakleaf hydrangea 
Itea virginica Virginia sweetspire
Rhododendron vaseyi pinkshell azalea
Rhus  sumac 
Rosa rugosa  rugosa rose 
Vaccinium  blueberry, cranberry
Viburnum viburnum--particularly mapleleaf, doublefile and arrowwood


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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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