Q. How do I get my Queen of the Night (Cereus cactus) plant to bloom after 10 years?


Epiphyllum oxypetalum can bloom with gorgeous 4-inch, funnel-shaped flowers. Epi enjoys medium light indoors and a shady spot outdoors during the warm weather season, so full sun is not necessary. This plant likes warmth with high humidity. Mist-spray them daily in warm rooms; it's also helpful to stand them (pot/saucer) on trays of moist pebbles to increase moisture around them.

Water well in spring and summer. When watering your plant, water thoroughly all the way through the container to keep the potting mixture moist but not sopping. At the end of a flowering period, give your plant a brief rest for the next 2-3 weeks by watering only enough to prevent the mixture from drying out completely. Water moderately at other times, letting the top half inch (use your finger or an implement to test for moisture) dry before thoroughly watering again during the morning hours.

Your plant may need food. You can fertilize every two weeks until buds are open. Use an organic high potash fertilizer formulated for tomatoes. Repot plants into a slightly larger container each spring using fresh potting mixture, or shake off old mix and repot in same pot if it is in the maximum convenient size pot that has been cleaned well. Then add fresh potting mixture. Leave an inch below the rim of the pot for easy watering.

Hope this helps.


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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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