Q. What is a safe nighttime temperature to take a hibiscus tree outdoors?

my tree has been inside for 2 years. i would like to put it on my porch for the summer, but do not want to put it there too soon. what is a safe nighttime temp for it?


If you have a tropical hibiscus, it is best to wait for the temperature to stay around 60°F at night for best growth and a happy plant. When your plant is growing well, water moderately (all the way through), allowing the top half-inch of the potting mix to dry between waterings. When indoors during winter Hibiscus can tolerate a 55°F degree temperature while it's resting. During the warm growing season, you can feed your plant a high-potash liquid fertilizer at half strength every two weeks.

Move plants into pots one size larger each spring until maximum convenient container size has been reached. Thereafter, topdress with fresh potting mixture.

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Propagation can be done in spring or summer from 3-4 inch long tip or heel cuttings. Plant in 3-inch pots containing a moistened mixture of peat moss and perlite, or horticultural sand. Enclose in a plastic dome and stand pots in bright, filtered light. When rooting occurs remove plastic covering and begin feeding as well as giving moderate waterings. After 3 months, move plants to a 4-inch pot of soil-based mixture, and treat as mature plants.

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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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