Q. How do I propagate Euphorbia trigona?


To propagate Euphorbia trigona, first use protective gloves to prevent any allergic reaction to the milky sap. As with almost all Euphorbias, when you take a cutting the plant will bleed a sticky, white sap--not a good substance to get into the eyes, cuts or sensitive skin.

For best results, propagate this deciduous succulent during spring or summer when temperatures are around 70-75°F. Cut off a healthy, unblemished stem end about 5-7 inches long. Use a clean razor blade or sterile sharp knife.

Cuttings root best during the hotter times of the year. Take the cutting. Let it callus over for a few days or so. Bury the cutting in perlite(available from nurseries) 2-3 or more inches deep, depending on the size of the cutting. Use a layer of coarse rock to add support to the plant and weight to the pot so the cutting won't tip. With perlite, the chance of over-watering is almost eliminated (perlite has replaced sand in current potting mixes). Put in a moderate lighted area, keep warm, and be patient.

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Scientific Name: Euphorbia trigona

Common Name: African milk tree, cathedral cactus

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- Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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