Q. Can you tell me about Ardisia crenata, I hear its invasive?


Ardisia crenata is a flowering shrub with leaves that are relatively thick with finely toothed margins and fragrant flowers, deep pink in color and usually covered in numerous minute black spots. Several cultivars of this species, with fruit of various colors, have also been developed for use as garden ornamentals. The most common of these are Ardisia crenata 'Alba', which has white mature fruit and Ardisia crenata  'Pink Pearls', which has bright pink mature fruit. The bright red berries of the species, which hang down in clusters, remain on the plant for months. Its habit of growth is a small, upright shrub, usually growing up to 3 feet, but occasionally reaching 6 feet in height.

This species prefers rich, well-drained, soils in partially shaded positions (e.g. in closed forests, near forest margins and along waterways). It is a weed in tropical, sub-tropical and warmer temperate regions such as Florida and Texas. The fruit of this species are thought to be poisonous to humans. It can be grown as a Houseplant. More information on its care as a houseplant may be found here: http://www.plantsrescue.com/tag/ardisia-crenata/


Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service


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