When can I take my potted olive trees outside from my garage?


You will probably be able to bring the olive tree out by Mother’s Day. Olive trees can actually tolerate some colder temperatures, even down below freezing, but they won’t like being exposed to cold temperatures for long periods. Since the biggest concerns are the night temperatures, that is what you have to look at.  Once the low temps are consistently in the 40’s and above, you are probably safe to move your trees outside.

Typically, the biggest concern is getting the plants acclimated to actually going outdoors. As you kept them it in the garage during the winter, it has probably already been acclimating to the spring weather. To be sure, I would suggest that in the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day (usually the second Sunday in May), you take the plant outside in the day and back inside overnight. Gradually lengthen the time the plant remains outside.

Here at the Garden, if you see olive trees  placed outside in April and early May, it is most likely to acclimate them before their move to their final summer spot.

Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service. 

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