Q. I am trying to learn about my garden plants. See the more detail/explanation

I have two patches of echinacea, and one has flowers with odd growths.

I think this is a sign of mite infestation; see picture.

Please recommend web sources I can use to:
1. Identify my flowers by leaf and flower
2. Clear procedures for specific flower maintenance
3. Common disease names/causes



Your Echinacea plant may have a mite infestation, or other problem. I have the information regarding mites and other possible problems below:

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Damage by eriophyid mites may be easily confused with damage caused by scorch, air pollution, herbicides, and in some cases, fungi or insects. (Note: Mites are not insects; they are arachnids.) Close examination with a dissecting microscope is required to confirm their presence in sufficient numbers to be responsible for the observed symptoms. The upper and lower surfaces of blistered, rusty colored or curled leaves should be examined. Galls and growths should be cut open and examined.


Your questions:

Identifying flowers by leaf and flower...We do not have one site we use for identifying plants. 

Clear procedure for specific flower maintenance...We do have what we call our libguides on many plants with clear information. Or depending on the plant not in our libguides we can provide the proper cultural requirements. Since we are in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library, we has access to a treasure trobe of books, along with edu. links from the web.

Common disease names/causes...Again we can help with plant problems. You can also contact the NY Cooperative Extension Service of Cornell, agent Jerry, who is available before 12 noon daily, and has information on lab testing procedures. 

You can also contact us through our email address plantinfo@nybg.org  

Hope this is helpful.

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