Q. How can I care for my office plants?

I have an Ivy Topiary, a Norfolk Pine and a Fern ACE in my office. They are not located near a window, so they do not receive direct sunlight, only lighting directly above from the ceiling. When I came back from the long holiday weekend, all of the plants are extremely dry. Is there a way to revive them. I'll still giving them water, but no improvement.


Here is the information on the care of Norfolk Pine: The browning needles do cause some concern. It’s normal for the older needles on the lower branches to gradually turn brown and drop off. But if large areas or areas other than the lower branches turn brown, then there is probably something else going on. These plants tend to like humid environments and cool temperatures. This is very hard to achieve in human homes because we usually like conditions that the plants don’t like. But here are some possible reason why this might be happening: http://libanswers.nybg.org/a.php?qid=693008

All about ivy: http://www.ivy.org/about_bv4.htm

Fern ACE??

Hope is is helpful.


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