Q. How can I make my Amaryllis rebloom year after year?

Thank you for please helping with questions about caring for amarilis bulbs. I have flowering bulbs with some flowers about to wither away. I want to try to get the bulbs flower the next year. Should I cut off the withered blooms? If yes, cut them where?--at the bottom of the flower leaving the entire leaf stem or where the leaf comes out of the bulb? THANKS!!!


Once your amaryllis flowers have died down, you can remove them. Place your plant in full light of a window, continue watering (on a reduced scale) for quite a while, but it is probably best to stop watering completely in mid-fall, so that the bulb begins its enforced rest (about 6-8 weeks). After watering stops, the foliage will become yellow and wither away. Remove dead foliage. If watering is continued too long, the past year's foliage will remain green and may become unwieldy and unattractive. Keep the potting mixture completely dry throughout the rest period, which lasts until new growth (usually the tip of the flower bud) begins to appear.

In summer a high-potash fertilizer can be given to your plant, the type usually recommended for tomatoes.  This will help to mature the bulb and ensure a flowering stalk the next year. Discontinue feedings entirely after mid-fall.

Amaryllis dislikes root disturbance and flowers best when left alone.Exception: For three or four years after the initial potting the bulb can be repotted, but not until then.

After the dormancy period when the bulb has begun to grow, remove the top 1/2 inch of soil from the pot, and replace with new soil. Do not remove the bulb from the pot. Water the potted bulb ONCE thoroughly, and place back in bright light.

Here is the complete care for Amaryllis plant from our lib-answers. http://libanswers.nybg.org/a.php?qid=282893

Hope this is helpful.

Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service


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