Q. What tropical and carnivorous plants are housed at the Botanical Garden?

I am writing a report for my independent study on Urban Gardening and I would like to know which tropical and carnivorous plants are housed at the Garden. Additionally, how do you maintain the optimal temperature and humidity for the plants to thrive.


Hi Alex!  We have many, many tropical and carnivorous plants housed at  NYBG.  Most of those plants are kept in the Conservatory (glasshouse) as they are at home in much warmer, wetter climates than New York City.  For instance, we are just finishing our annual orchid show and have hundreds and hundreds of tropical plants on display as part of that exhibit. Here is a link to information about that exhibit: http://www.nybg.org/exhibitions/2017/orchid-show/about.php

In addition to special exhibits like that one, our tropical/subtropical plant collections are housed in 11 unique environments in the Conservatory so that each plant is grown in a room that closely approximates the humidity, light and temperature of its native habitat. If you are familiar with greenhouse management as part of your course of study, you will understand the techniques used to simulate the proper conditions and we are fortunate to have so many different spaces that can be managed independently. You can visit those collections any time you come to visit the garden.

The plants in our collection are so numerous that a list would take an extraordinary amount of time to prepare.  I suggest that you make use of our Garden Navigator tool (http://navigator.nybg.org/ecmweb/FindPlant.html) to search for the presence in our collection of any plant types that are of particular interest to you.  The Navigator will tell you how many of that species we have at NYBG and its location in the garden.

I hope that is helpful! Let us know if you have additional questions.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information


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