Q. How can I care for my potted Gardenia plant?

Recently I was given a potted Gardenia plant. I've had potted Gardenias in the past, and it's always ended poorly. I really want it to be different this time, and not kill this plant. I've been reading about Gardenia care online, at reputable gardening websites, and I've been getting plenty of conflicting information, ranging from keeping it in full sun to only giving it bright defused light. The temperature ranges I've been reading about makes it sound like I've got about a four degree window of opportunity to get it right. I don't know how in the world they survive outside, given the information I've been reading.Now, I'm utterly confused about what this plant requires. The fact my home doesn't get tons of sunlight doesn't help this situation. Presently, the plant is in the pot it came in (about 5" across), I put a humidity tray under the pot, and I've placed it under an east facing skylight window. Sunlight will directly hit it for about 3 hours, the rest of the day it's bright light. I'm in northern CT (hardiness zone 6A), so it's still getting down into the 50's at night, and daytime temps are ranging from the 60's to near 80. Should I keep this plant inside during the summer in this location, or should I put it outside until the end of summer?Thank you in advance for whatever help you can offer.


Thank you for your question. Many gardeners put their gardenia plant outdoors for the summer, although it is probably too cold in northern CT now. It is a type of shrub so it should do well according to people I have spoken with in the past. Morning sun would be best (east), along with not too hot temperatures. See the complete cultural requirements for your plant here: http://libguides.nybg.org/c.php?g=655112&p=4597715 Note: Place in bright shade outdoors for a few days to acclimate it.

More: Gardenia, also known as Cape jasmine, has leaves that sometimes turn yellow. This yellowing is iron chlorosis, the result of an iron deficiency. More here from our libanswer http://libanswers.nybg.org/a.php?qid=707531


Courtesy of the NYBG Plant Information Service


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