Q. What's the best way to get phalenopsis orchids (most common household type) to blossom?

I have several healthy plants, leaves are bright and firm, lots of air roots. planted in your brand of coconut husk blend. I water every week, small amount plus every other week I feed w food I bought at your store


Phalaenopsis orchid (or moth orchid) is a beautiful flowering, easy care plant, and blooms yearly for a long time. It sounds like you are caring for it well. When were they re-potted? What is the sun exposure? Do you test the moisture level first before watering? Fertilizer weekly, weakly, with the 20-20-20 food at 1/2 strength, weekly. Maybe every 6 weeks, only use clear water for the week to leach out any built up chemical fertilizer salts. Water early in the day, not at night. Are the plans sturdy in their pots. Usually a wooden stick is secured to the plant with a clip to keep it from moving around. If in the eastern window, which is good, keep right in the windowsill. Southern sunlight is more intense, so the plant may need to be back a bit, and more watering. Usually twice a week is best for a watering regimen if the medium goes to almost dry, one with fertilizer water (1/2 strength fert. in a gallon of water), then clear water the second week's watering. Hope this helps. 

Let me know.


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