Q. What is the name of the shrub with multi-colored leaves at the patio of Hudson garden grill?

It is a potted shrub on the patio next to the doors.


Hello, Jan Stein.

When I went over to see just which plant you were asking about, I encountered the gardener for that area.  “I know just which plant you’re talking about,” she exclaimed before I had finished reading her your first sentence.  “That’s such an exciting plant!  I love it, too.”

I’ve attached two photos to be sure we’re talking about the same one, but from her reaction, I think this must be it.  The first photo shows the whole container, and the second one, a close-up, includes a plant identification sign I was able to find on one of our specimens.

It’s Coprosma, an Australian native, and ours is a gorgeous variety called ‘Evening Glow’.  It’s a slow grower and ours looks so full because the gardener combined six plants from 4-inch pots into that container, and they have grown this well in two years.  We don’t know how much pruning this will need over time, as a few shoots are already starting to come in solid green, which is pretty but not nearly as dramatic as that gorgeous variegated foliage.  Although it displays this variegation all the time, the color will get a little more coppery during our autumn months.  Unfortunately, it’s not hardy here. 

Here's some additional information on this plant from The National Gardening Association.  https://garden.org/plants/view/118534/Australian-Mirror-Bush-Coprosma-Evening-Glow/

Thanks for contacting us.

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