Q. What palm plant is easy to care for indoors?


A palm tree named Microcoelum (weddel palm) is a compact palm that grows to 4 feet, with a 2-foot spread. Young plants are generally bought when they are only 9-12 inches high, with three or four 8-to10-inch-long fronds. This is an easy care compact palm popular with indoor gardeners. Although, any problems growing these palms are easily corrected. Most importantly, your palm needs proper lighting and moisture. Light: Give your palm bright light, but without any direct sunlight. Humidity: Your palm fronds can become dry and brown due to low humidity. To help it regain its leafy charm and fix the dried out look, it will need increased humidity. You can do this by standing the potted palm on a tray of moist pebbles throughout the year (especially now). Indoor humidity is extremely low in winter, when windows are closed, and the heat is on. You will need a large saucer to lay a thick layer of small pebbles, about a couple of inches. Add water halfway up the pebbles to produce humidity around the plant. Otherwise, a small humidifier is an easy alternative helper. Watering: Allow the top half-inch of the soil to dry out between waterings. Water early in the day, plants take up moisture at this time. Do not water at night, as it can cause root rot. Use room temperature or tepid water, not cold. The palm likes room temperatures between 60-80 degrees F., temperatures below and about that range will be stressful to the plant.

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