Q. Can I trim my Pachira aquatica (money tree)? How should I do it?


You can remove dead branches or leaves at any time -- use sharp, sterile shears and cut back to several inches below the dead portion of the branch. You can also nip off new stems forming at the base or along the trunk at any time.

Pruning to shape and tidy money tree houseplants should take place in the spring, when the plant is resuming strong growth. Remember that your plant does not like change, so pruning during this season of strength is important. Pruning an unhealthy plant also carries greater risk. If you would like to maintain your plant's shape and size it is helpful to make pruning an annual routine.

Examine the plant and determine where you would like to remove growth.  Use sharp, sterile shears and cut to ½  inch above a node or leaf, removing no more than ½ of the length off a stem. Do not cut into a braided section of stems. Expect to see regrowth from the area of the cuts you have made.

You will find complete information on caring for a Pachira aquatica money tree in our Guide.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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