How can I repot Euphorbia trigona (African milk tree)?


Euphorbia trigona (African milk tree) is a succulent euphorbia grown for its decorative stems. While they are young and growing most rapidly, move your plant up one pot size each spring. This plant needs excellent draining soil, like all succulent plants.  A mixture of half organic potting soil (with no added fertilizer) and half horticultural sand or perlite will make a good growing medium.  Commercial cactus mixes are acceptable, if not ideal, and readily available but avoid those that have food already in the mix. Your pot must have a draining hole at its bottom.

Protect your skin and eyes when working with the plant as the sap can cause irritation or an allergic reaction to some people. Moisten the soil in the plant's container before attempting to remove it to loosen the growing medium. Take your time and be gentle. The root system is delicate and you want it to remain as intact as is possible. It may help to use potholders to handle the euphorbia's trunk(s) with a soft grip.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service


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