Q. Will my aloe recover? It is flopping and losing leaves which are mushy.

I hv not watered scince repotting& soil is dry to touch but i hv two tiny pee wee leafs comon up out soil?


I am sorry to hear about the problems with your aloe plant and I hope we can help.

There are hundreds of types of aloes and some of them even have a natural maturing pattern that involves growing downward over the edge of the pot. Aloe brevifolia is a popular aloe with that habit and you can look online for photos to see if that could be your plant. So it is possible that the growth habit is not something to be worried about.

Whichever type of aloe you have, the mushiness and leaf loss is a concern. There are a few things that could be going wrong but the most likely one is that your plant needs its winter rest. Most succulent plants are in a non-growth period during the months of October through March and they need to have reduced water, temperature, food but continued strong sunlight. Without that rest period, your plant will continue to try to grow at a time that the days are too short and that it would naturally be conserving its energy.I am linking you to our guide to Succulent Care for the rules of thumb you should be following in all aspects of looking after this plant, but pay particular attention to the "Winter Break" section. It is something that very few people know about until they have a problem.

Have a good look through the guide and see if you have the temperature right for your plant and follow the watering instructions carefully. Give your plant strong sunlight, especially if it has spiny leaves (softer leaf varieties like indirect, but still bright, sunlight).

One bit of good news in your message is the little leaves that you see coming up through the soil. These are called offsets and you can use them to propagate new plants in the early summer once the leaves have started forming the characteristic rosette shape.

If the roots are i good shape and you adjust the watering and other care as specified, your plant should begin to stabilize but don't expect growth until the spring. At that point it will hopefully have had a good rest and you will see growth resume.


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