Q. Which end of a germinated citrus seed do you plant in soil?

Which end of a germinated citrus seed do you plant in soil?
I’ve happily been able to germinate several types of citrus seeds—yuzu, kumquats, Meyer lemons and blood oranges. I keep them in the dark until they germinate and produce little white shoots that look like roots. Are they in fact roots, which should be planted in the soil, or are they stems, with the opposite side of the seed to be planted in soil? After planting them in soil, how long should I expect them to take to produce a green stem and leaves? Thanks very much for your help.


Hi Harriet,

Thanks for your question.

Citrus is usually propagated by stem cuttings or seeds planted in rooting mixture. When the seed sprouts, the roots appear first and later the stem. So your should go roots down in a soil mixture specifically for seedlings (too much added food will burn the tiny roots), and given medium light until stems grow large enough to handle. At that point, repot in a standard, soil-based potting mixture.

Good luck with your plants.



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