Q. Why are my eucalyptus leaves curling?

Why are my eucalyptus leaves curling, I’ve had it for two weeks and placed it in a different pot...


Your eucalyptus may be having some trouble adapting to its new home or its new pot. When it was transplanted, it lost some of its root material and that can temporarily slow the uptake of water and leave the plant looking parched. As long as it is getting proper care, was replanted in the correct soil (regular potting mix), entirely covering the root structure, in a pot that is no more than one size larger than the last pot, and it is kept away from air conditioning or other sources of rapid temperature change, it should adjust and recover. Here is how to properly care for it so you can make sure that it is getting what it needs.

Your plant needs full and direct sunlight. Water it thoroughly at each watering but then let the top 1/3rd of the soil dry out before watering again (you may like using a watering meter to determine dryness at this soil depth). Do not let it sit in a dish of run-off water -- that can lead to root rot. In winter, allow the plant to have a period of cool rest (around 45 - 50°) and water it just enough to keep from drying out. During the active growing period, feed it every one to two weeks.

You should also examine the trunk and undersides of the leaves for any signs of insect or disease. Those are less likely to be the problem but worth ruling out.

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service

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