Q. I think I killed my 25 year old Ming Arelia! What can I do?

25 year old Ming Arelia Ruined Overwatered - suffocated the plant and now all/most leaves have dried up completely - what to do???? Transplant - cut down? Help


Oh no Laura! I'm so sorry to hear about your plant.

You can try to start a new generation of plants by propagating from the parent plant tips that still have a viable leaf. Trim off a 3 - 4 inch piece at the tip of a stem, and just below a leaf. If there are multiple leaves, remove the lowest one. Dip the stem end into a rooting hormone compound (available online or from a nursery). Plant this cutting in a small pot with equal parts peat and perlite, moistened. Cover with a clear plastic bag and seal.

Keep your cutting warm (above 70º at all times) and where it will get bright, filtered light. In two to three weeks you should see new growth beginning and you can unseal the bag to let some air in but do not remove it entirely. After about a week, remove it from the bag, replant it in potting soil and treat it as an adult plant.

Saving the parent plant will depend upon the condition of the roots. Remove the plant from its pot and examine the roots. If they are mostly brown and mushy, the plant cannot be saved. If there are plenty of firm, white roots, let the roots dry out completely before replanting in a fresh, soil-based potting mixture.

Good luck and let us know if we can offer any additional help.

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  • Answered By Leslie Coleman

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