Q. I've got ants in my plants! Please help.

Ants are in my plants, well not all of them but every week during my watering I find the next one they have taken to. I don’t so much mind they don’t bother me much but they usually irritate my cat when they are going after her food bowl. I had less last summer inside in the kitchen because I allowed milkweed to take over in the garden and they are happy with that. I don’t think they came in from the plants spending the summer outdoors. They find a way in. I am trying to leave my plant inside this year if I can finally reduce the numbers so I don’t take more of a chance. I usually take the plant to the tub if they are crawling all over when I water and spray bug buster-0. Then sprinkle cinnamon under the plant when I put it back. I have no other pest for them to milk like aphids or scale. Any suggestions I even have humidity trays like a mote. Bait doesn’t really work, they just keep coming. Are they native, tiny black ants not the sweet ants that sometimes are in bathrooms. They are not in the kitchen right now just in some plants.


Ants in containers can be challenging to control. If you are able submerge the whole rootball of the plant in a bucked of water and that will flush them out of the container and you can get rid of them that way. If you summer your plants outdoors ants often will move into the containers to make nests. When the plants come back in for the winter they become active looking for food. There are some natural or chemical controls that can be used but be careful with pets and plants. The houseplants might not be the source of the pesky ants but it is difficult to say without some more information.

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