Q. My Alocasia looks like it’s dying this winter! Leaves are turning soft and brown.

Is this a lost cause?


These lovely plants are happier in a greenhouse environment than a home and they really let us know about it in the dry, dim winter. 

Alocasia need more bright light in the winter as well as continued warmth and high humidity. Do your best to keep the plant out of drafts, away from the temperature fluctuations near a heating vent or a cold window, which can easily be ten degrees colder than the rest of the room in the winter.

Use a wet pebble tray under the plant's run-off dish to increase humidity as well as misting frequently. Maintaining that high air humidity while keeping the soil moisture low is a difficult balancing act! You can use a simple hygrometer (water vapor meter) to test the humidity around the plant to see if you are achieving the 70% level that it prefers.

If your plant continues to die back, be patient, withhold water, and look for signs of regrowth in the spring. There is a good chance that your plant will respond to imperfect conditions by entering a period of dormancy and then resume growth when light and warmth increase. We hope that you will see your alocasia in good health again before long!

Courtesy of NYBG Plant Information Service


  • Last Updated Feb 02, 2021
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